Deodar Road, Putney, London SW15

Date Completed
Smith Caradoc-Hodgkins
Consulting Engineers
Cameron Taylor Bedford
Basement Contractor
Room Below

Our clients have lived in their family home for over a decade. Situated in a beautiful position backing onto the River Thames in Putney, they decided to have their home completely remodelled and add a retrofit basement.

Room Below had just completed works at the adjoining property, which involved constructing a retrofit basement and reducing the level of the rear garden thus allowing a magnificent river view from the basement. The Architects were Smith Caradoc-Hodgkins who have a particular flair for contemporary design and overseeing construction to the highest standard. The Consulting Engineers, Cameron Taylor Bedford, produced an exacting structural scheme involving constructing reinforced concrete beams at ground floor level to support the upper structure prior to excavating to form the substructure. Room Below were appointed the Basement and Groundwork Contractors and the end result is a beautiful basement, patio and garden, overlooking the River Thames.

Works were completed on time and within budget.