Frewin Road, Wandsworth, London SW18

Date Completed
Room Below
Consulting Engineers
R.J. Groves Associates
Basement and fit out
Room Below

Our clients have a substantial family home in Wandsworth, South West London. They liked the area in which they live, their children go to local schools and their friends live locally. Ideally what they wanted was a much larger house on the same spot. The answer was to construct a retrofit basement.

After obtaining a number of quotations from reputable contractors, they appointed Room Below to design and construct a retrofit basement under the full footprint of the property. Most retrofit basements are constructed under suspended timber floors, but over half of this particular basement is constructed under a ground bearing unreinforced concrete floor slab. Over the years Room Below have developed a unique process for underpinning, temporarily supporting and constructing new reinforced floor under the existing ground bearing concrete floor, all constructed while the home owners remain in residence. This technique has been used successfully on dozens of properties throughout London and the South East.

Our client is a Senior Partner with a professional firm and both he and his wife were amazed to see what was possible. The basement comprises guest bedroom, en-suite bathroom, family room and play area, utility room and storage area. "The basement looks as if it were part of the original house and we are absolutely delighted with the end result and would recommend Room Below to anyone".