New Build

With Planning difficulties and pressure to maximise floor area, very few new build or major refurbishments in the London area are embarked upon without including a basement room or more commonly a complete below ground level section to the house.

Building below ground dropped out of fashion just after the First World War when land was abundant and relatively inexpensive. But in these days of high density construction and difficulties with Planning, developers are once again embracing the basement concept to maximum saleable floor area and save on foundation costs.

A new build basement created by Room Below has major advantages in terms of Planning, optimising available space and economic foundation design. Whether for commercial or domestic use, Room Below will construct the entire substructure often comprising a contiguous pile wall, bearing piles, reinforced concrete liner walls and basement slab including sewerage and waste water mini-pumping station and under slab drainage.

A complete basement substructure leaving the developer or builder to complete the superstructure and basement fit out.

Room Below are specialist in the sector of undergound room construction, and have years of experience working in the naturally confined areas that basement rooms are constructed in.

Basement room design and construction requires a great deal of planning, knowledge and experience in order to proceed smoothly, and we welcome an discussion early of the process in order to provide you the benefit of our experience.

Room Below - the premier basment room company in London and throughout the South East of England.